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The SektorZ Hardstyle
Established in 2011. Releases are exclusively in the sub-genres of hard dance music. Hardstyle, hardcore, jumpstyle, gabber, speedcore and similar.
Established in 2016. Releases are exclusively trap, dubstep, hip-hop and drum & bass. Before this label's introduction such music was released on The SektorZ Electro, which has now become focused on house music.
The SektorZ Electro
Established in 2004. Releases include electro house, minimal techno, progressive house, bigroom and trance. Over the years the label has become one of the most proficient and successful Bulgarian house labels to be featured on BBC Music and played in clubs such as Liv Miami and Beijing by EDM artists like Sander van Doorn and others.


(regulars, not including guest artists)
The SektorZ Producer, publisher, label manager and distributor from Bulgaria. ANA-G Producer, vocalist, lifetime hardstyle fan and dog lover from the Czech Republic.Pentagone Aspiring hardcore rapper and producer from Jersey.

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